School Council

School Council Members 2018 - 2019
Year 2 - Helena & Isla
Year 3 - Anya & Ruby
Year 4 - Willow & Daisy
Year 5 - Florence & Leah
Year 6 - Thomas, Elvi & Leila

What we do at School Council
We organise fun events around school that have been suggested by the children. Most recently we organised an Afternoon Tea Party for the elderly - a great success!

We also raise money for charities such as UNICEF, Sport Relief, Comic Relief, WWF and Children in Need.  Sometimes we see things that aren't right in school and we ask people to help us fix them.  We send money to Action Aid to help a little girl called Ruqia in Afghanistan. 

Don't forget, if you have any suggestions let your class School Council representative know and we can discuss these at our weekly meetings.