Christian Aid Week
A prayer for the building of God’s Kingdom.
Give us, Lord God, a vision of your Kingdom as your love desires it:
a world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry,
a world where life is shared, and enjoyed by all,
a world where all races, nations and cultures live in tolerance and respect,
a world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.
Give us the inspiration and courage to build your Kingdom here and now.


The Prayer for Thy Kingdom Come
Read the prayer which thousands of people across the world will be praying during Thy Kingdom Come, and which will be at the heart of every event.
Almighty God,
your ascended Son has sent us into the world to preach the good news of your kingdom:
inspire us with your Spirit and fill our hearts with the fire of your love,
that all who hear your Word may be drawn to you, through Jesus Christ our Lord.