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Phonics and spellings:
Phonics is the term we use for the prime way we teach children to read and write. Phonics teaching is an essential part of every day in school, for all the children. Each child in Key Stage 1 will attend a daily phonics session.  Phonics allows them to learn the letter sounds in clearly defined sequences. They will then learn to blend (put together) the sounds in order all through a word so they can read it and segment (split it up) the word onto their sounds so they can spell them.  At Middleforth synthetic phonics is taught following the Letters and Sounds programme which is based on six phases.  We use lots of different resources to support the children's learning in school, such as Espresso, Phonics bug, Read, Write Inc and many practical resources.  As children move into Phase 6 they begin to learn  spelling rules.  An outline of expected learning can be found in the guidance below.  
National Curriculum Spelling Guidance KS1
Year 2: Common Exception words

At Middleforth we try to promote a love for reading.  At Middleforth we use a reading scheme that links closely with the teaching of synthetic phonics. The children use a mixture of Oxford Reading Tree and Phonic bug books in guided reading sessions as well as home reading.
Reading at home

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