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ParentPay queries that have been raised

  1. I am unable  to order dinners on my mobile phone as there are red crosses when I select the week I need to book
  • You will see the red crosses when you are in ‘view menus and choices’.  Click on ‘make bookings’ (I think this might be further down your screen) to make selections.
  1. I would like my partner to have their own ParentPay account
  • Just let the school office know and they will send out an activation letter to the relevant parent
  1. I use childcare vouchers to pay for after school club and breakfast club but when I pay it isn’t always credited to my ParentPay account
  • Please can you forward your confirmation email to Mrs Hardman with a breakdown of how you would like the credit distributed.  We don’t always receive a notification from the childcare voucher providers so this would really help. 
  1. I would like to activate my ParentPay account but can’t find my initial activation letter.
  • This was sent out on 5th April however if you are struggling to find it please let the office know and it can be resent.

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