Life in all it's fullness

At Middleforth, we try to live out our school mission statement of "Let your light shine."  Over the course of the year we try to bring a little light to others lives through our charity work, prayer and visits.  We believe that Middleforth should be a place where loving God and loving our neighbours is lived out in the daily life of the school.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Parkes
Two years ago our choir went and sang for the lovely Mrs. Parkes on her 100th birthday.  We were delighted to hear that she was celebrating her 102nd birthday and we wanted her to know that we hadn't forgotten about her.  Members of the 3C's group made a lovely card and a few members went to deliver the card and flowers to Mrs. Parkes, wishing all the best from everyone at Middleforth.

Give it up for Lent : Supporting our Local Foodbank
Giving up something we love is not easy!  We were over whealmed with the kind donations that our Middleforth families made during the course of lent.  We started with an empty cupboard and by the end of Lent we had 12 crates of food which were donated to the local food bank.  Mrs Southwell very kindly came and showed the members of the 3C's group how the food was organised before being distributed.